has big plans in mind! We hope you’ll join us to help make them a reality.

Short term goals include:
  • Continuing online support through the Facebook group
  • This new website containing a clearinghouse of information related to SA/CRS
  • Fun things like bracelets, pins, and car magnets
  • Newsletters (online, print, or both)
  • Other publications for new parents; publications to educate medical professionals and encourage them to refer new parents to us
  • Mentoring of new parents by parents who have been through what you’re going through
  • Mentoring of children with SA/CRS by older children and adults with SA/CRS
  • Regional meetings of group members
Long-range goals include:
  • National meetings. Eventually, we want these meetings to include doctors who specialize in areas related to treatment of people with CRS/SA.
  • Scholarships for students with SA/CRS
  • Grants-in-aid for medical care, surgeries, and adaptive equipment
  • Translations of informational packets into various other languages
  • Medical advice through a Medical Advisory Committee
  • Funding for research about what works in treating people with SA/CRS — what works in orthopedics, urology, etc.

We think this organization has a lot to offer its members. We encourage your feedback and any help anyone can provide. Thanks!

— Your Board

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The International Sacral Agenesis/Caudal Regression Association is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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