Here are some websites with useful information to the iSACRA community:

Personal reflections and blogs

  • Danielle Shaw’s blog, loaded with resources and links on various SA/CRS-related topics.
  • Julie Hemker blogs on all aspects of living with SA/CRS.
  • Ben & Kindle's blog about their journey with SA/CRS

Organizations of interest

Educational information

Here are some helpful links about education and children with disabilities:

Preschool and Day Care

504 Plans and Universal Design

Medical links

Here we provide links to general medical information about SA/CRS, and to information specific to the conditions that can accompany SA/CRS.



In addition to the defining orthopedic issue of Sacral Agenesis (partial or complete lack of sacral vertebrae), SA/CRS is often accompanied by orthopedic issues in the legs, including club feet. The following links have useful information for people dealing with these issues:



A great deal of research and scholarly reporting has appeared in the medical journals over the years regarding SA/CRS. We present here only a brief sampling.

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