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August 2014

Our College Edition

Continuing our education theme from last time, this month our newsletter focuses on education at the college level. From scholarships to help pay for college to advice on how to manage your life when you get there, our newsletter comes packed with information that we hope you and your college-bound kids will find helpful.

Making Choices, Moving Forward: SA/CRS Students in College

College. This word seems very scary at first glance, but the greatest experiences, for both life and educational purposes, are found here. As an adult living with SA/CRS, I have found my experiences at the University of Alabama both exhilarating and eye opening, and I wouldn’t change them for the world. More…

College Trailblazing: My Part of History in the Battle for ADA Compliance

I am 39-year-old with complete sacral agenesis. My spine ends at L4. Over the years, I’ve had wonderful experiences and negative experiences, just as anyone does in life. Specifically, I would like to share my memories around my time in college. Like any 18-year-old ready to go off to school, I wanted to be away from home. I wanted to spread my wings and change the world! More…

College Scholarships for Students with Physical Disabilities

We've researched some scholarships specifically aimed at students with disabilities, to help meet the increasingly high cost of a college education. More…

Caudal Regression Syndrome and College

Briana Clemons tells us about her experiences as a student at St. Edward's University, explaining how she used careful planning to overcome the challenges she anticipated and to succeed as a college student. More…

College and Beyond

College is where I really learned to become independent. The school was not really up to ADA standards, but I learned to adapt, be patient, and advocate for myself. More…

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