Privacy Policy

values and respects the privacy of our community members and of all our visitors. To this end we promise:

To our SA/CRS patients and families

  1. We will not divulge your name or any other contact or personal information to any third parties without your express consent in writing to do so. Dissemination of personally identifying information will be limited to purposes required to support research initiatives.
  2. We will not use your images or words or those of your children without your express written permission.

To all our community members and visitors

  1. We will only include you in our email list if you have given us specific permission to do so. You may withdraw your permission by unsubscribing to our mail list at any time.
  2. We will not sell or otherwise disclose your contact information to any third parties.

Our rights

  • If you donate to , we will retain your name, address and other contact information for our records, as required by United States Law. We reserve the right to use your contact information for future solicitations. As with other emails from , you may unsubscribe from these mailings at any time.

The International Sacral Agenesis/Caudal Regression Association is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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