Summer Camps and Holidays

Summer camp experiences are excellent opportunities for children with physical disabilities to connect with others like themselves, gain independence, and try new things. The reasons to send your child to summer camp are many of the same reasons that summer camps are great experiences for any child. Remember, however, that each child is different and that each summer camp experience is different.  There are also recreational and holiday experiences designed with children with physical disabilities in mind.

This listing was generated by internet searches. Listing does not indicate recommendation. If you know of a resource we are missing in other countries, contact us to let us know! This list is just a sample of the opportunities available.

There are several options for sending a child with a physical disability to camp. These options include:

  • Sending your child to a general camp and ensuring that your child’s access and medical needs can be accommodated
  • Sending your child to a camp specializing in serving children with physical disabilities
  • Sending your child to a introductory or elite sports camp
  • Going on a summer holiday that accommodates individuals with physical disabilities

General or Special Interest Summer Camps

This resource discusses inclusion of all children in any summer camp program

If your child has a special interest such as robotics, art, or music, it is important to work with the camp program to make sure that the camp can meet your child’s access and medical needs.

Camps for Children with Disabilities

There are many camps that focus on children with disabilities. It is important to make sure that your child is a good fit for the particular program, because some camps focus on specific types of disabilies or have specific dates dedicated to specific needs. For example, a camp might focus just on deaf or hard of hearing campers for 2 weeks, then focus on a camp for those with intellectual disabilities, and then focus on a camp for children with physical disabilities. Some of these camps are free of charge, although they usually require the parent to be responsible for transportation to and from the camp. There are many search engine sites that list camps for children with disabilities.

USA  (includes children with limb differences)



PDF, recreational opportunities, Edmonton



listing of service organizations


Camps for Sports Development

If your child is an aspiring athlete, there are programs during the summer that focus on general introduction to disability sports, and there are programs that focus on specialized training at advanced or elite levels.


Ability first sports camps

University of Illinois basketball and track camps

Children’s sports camp

Wheelchair basketball camp

Winter camps






If summer camp is not your thing, some programs offer holidays for families of children with special needs



In the USA, holiday adventures may be available through “wish” grants.
Typically, if you are granted a wish by one organization, you are not allowed to receive another wish from another organization.

Believe In Tomorrow National Children’s Foundation

The Granted Wish Foundation


Make-a-Wish  Foundation of America

Wishing Well Foundation USA