Diagnosis at Birth: Experiences and Research

There is no more exciting or more stressful experience than giving birth.  Parents naturally have concerns for their newborn child’s health.  Sometimes there is evidence of a condition at birth that was not known during pregnancy. Diagnosis of  SA/CRS at birth occurs through a medical evaluation. Depending on the extent of physical difference, the external characteristics may be readily noticed or they may be discovered through additional testing.  Here you can find a list of characteristics that may be noted at birth and a collection of stories from families who have experienced diagnosis of their newborn.

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 Characteristics possibly noted at birth:

-narrowing of the hips

-sacral dimples

-fusion of ankles or ankles and knees in a bent or straight position

-clubfoot, rocker bottom feet
-small legs with reduced muscle mass

-reduced movement of the lower iimbs

-”buddha position” (legs bent and splayed outward, often with webbing between thighs and calf)
-anal atresia

-small birth weight

-shortened spine

Further evaluation of internal structures may reveal:

-single kidney or horseshoe kidney

-absent vertebra in lower back

-absence of spinal cord in lower back

-other differences with structures of the heart, ears

-other conditions or syndromes that include absence of the sacrum or that occur in addition to absence of the sacrum.