Cool stuff for kids (and the rest of us) Just click on each of the items below to find the latest bling and swag!

Deck yourself out in iSACRA merchandise!

Fixing your backpack to your wheelchair, clever ideas from New Mobility Magazine

cool hubcaps (for wheelchairs wheels)

drive way (auto door opener)

Wheelchair wheel spinners

Amazingly cool wheelchair guards (Izzy Wheels)  some designs actually move as you push

Decorative stickers for spoke guards

A 3D printed custom wheelchair

colorful wheelchair rim grippers

AFOs for dolls

Dareway  (kid’s version of the segway)

wild thing  (fun ‘big wheel’ electric ride)

Cart attachment for hoverboards

Shrinkins (decorative “skins” for walkers and wheelchairs) 

handtrykes (Amtrykes)

Fitness trackers for wheelchair users