SA/CRS in the Media

Media stories about individuals with SA/CRS? Here are some important points to note

News stories and documentaries are an important way for the world to understand who we are, and to change faulty perceptions. In the media, drama in a story captures the attention of the viewers, but consider carefully the long term impact of words being used and the stories being told. Sometimes we see or hear misleading messages in the media. Sometimes the terms used to describe us give us imagined super powers or exaggerated limitations, or encourage the public to regard us with pity. We’re not “heroes”, and not particularly “brave”, though we may have our heroic or brave moments just like anyone else.  Words that have a negative spin, such as “suffers from”, “confined to”, “victim of”, “limited by”,or  “afflicted” serve no purpose other than to remove us from society and convey difference as a problem. The lives of people with disabilities are not so different from the lives of anyone else. Everyone has some tough times in life sooner or later.  We do too, and like others we also have a lot to smile about and a great deal to contribute to society.  See our section on “The Power of Language” for more information and guidance.

The only limits we have are those made by the assumptions and attitudes of others. Our lives may be terrific, or just routine, or going through a rough patch, and once in a while pretty amazing. All of us are just living our lives. Just ordinary people going about our daily activities, doing what we enjoy, using our talents, having our “issues”, making mistakes, learning new things, and striving towards our goals.  Here are some of our stories.

Melinda Bird

Doug Forbis

Elissa Robinson

Spencer West

Jessica Rogers