Orthopedics (Treatment of the Musculoskeletal System)

The orthopedic treatment provided for individuals with SA/CRS will depend on how the condition impacts the form and functions of hips, knees, ankles feet and toes.  The orthopedic conditions vary widely and include club foot, missing knee caps, fused ankle and or knee joints, hip displasia, muscular or bony joint contractions, leg length discrepancy, splayed hips and webbing between calf and upper thigh.  Some of these conditions are correctable through a series of castings and/or surgery and some are not.  The pages here provide perspectives and experiences with orthopedic surgeries and outcomes including leg length discrepancy, vertical talus, at-knee disarticulation. and Osteomy.

The question of walking is also considered. Mobility options are important for all individuals with SA/CRS. Some will be independent walkers and some will not.  Mobility options may include the use of walkers, crutches, braces and wheelchairs. For all you may need to know about wheelchairs, see this link.