Hobbies Give Me Confidence in Myself!


I am 19 and half with CRS. My hobbies include photography, cooking, doing makeup and listening to oldies music.

I’m a bit on the old fashion side, but I just have so much interest in these hobbies.  I found my interest in these hobbies through various experiences.  When  I took a class my freshman year, I took photography to “try something new ” and have loved it ever since. I’ve always been a shy person who could never find a way to show the world the way I saw it until I got introduced to photography. It’s been part of my life ever since then.

The cooking I recently started getting into about 2 years ago.  My mother passed away at that time and I wasn’t sure how to cope, but for some reason cooking was my happy place. I have kept at it to this day!

I’ve been doing makeup sense I was 11 and once again that is just my happy place. I see makeup as an art (along with photography).

Lastly I enjoy listening to oldies music , I was born and raised by old fashion parents so I guess I kind of grew up with the oldies music. When I listen to it, I feel happy memories.  Anytime I turn on one of the old classic songs, I can look bag on good times with my family.

Lots of people enjoy these hobbies, and as a person with SA/CRS, I think it is sometimes difficult to express myself.  I am different from most people in the world because I have this rare condition.  Being different from others can lead to feelings of inadequacy for some, but for me, doing makeup, photography and other activities makes me feel confident in myself and confident in showing others who I am. I don’t have to be  like anyone else.